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Hilary Griffin - Civil, Commercial and Workplace Mediator

Hilary is a CMC registered civil, commercial and workplace mediator and carries out mediations throughout the UK and the Channel Islands. She is a qualified English solicitor with 20 years’ experience in dispute resolution and as the Chairman (and previously Deputy Chairman) of the Jersey Employment and Discrimination Tribunal.  Her years as an employment judge convinced her that parties who are in conflict should always consider mediation as an alternative to court or tribunal proceedings.

Professional Experience

Hilary brings a wealth of experience to her mediations.  She spent 11 years working in the dispute resolution team at Clyde & Co, a large City law firm, where her clients ranged from public companies to individuals with personal grievances.  She has particular expertise in employment, discrimination and workplace law, but her years working as an employment judge mean that she is used to assimilating large volumes of information and quickly adapting to the language, customs and nuances of different business sectors and specialisms.

As well as mediating in private, business and workplace disputes, Hilary also undertakes community mediations for Citizens' Advice Jersey and sits on the Board of the Jersey Advisory and Conciliation Service (JACS).

Before she became a lawyer, Hilary was a member of the British Alpine Ski Team, representing Great Britain in downhill and Super-G at two World Junior Championships and in Europa Cup competions througout Europe and Scandinavia.

Personal Style

Hilary describes her mediation style as 'fair but firm' and is not afraid to robustly reality check parties' negotiating positions where necessary.  She is very practical in her approach and encourages the parties to think objectively and creatively when seeking a solution to their dispute.

Hilary will typically contact the parties before the mediation to ensure that the parties understand the process and to ensure that they get the most out of the day.


Memberships and organisations

  • CMC Registered Civil & Commercial Mediator
  • Accredited Workplace Mediator
  • Member of the Jersey Advisory and Conciliation Services (JACS) Board
  • English Solicitor (non-practicing)
  • Member of the Employment Lawyers Association (ELA)